Contact Bobbi

You may email me at or call 620-224-7480. I can answer any questions about availability and price of pieces you see on my site or just give me a call to make sure I’m here and come out to visit my gallery.

11 comments on “Contact Bobbi

  1. Hi Bobbi, It’s Lorain Knight. Andy’s wife. Was at Mike and Cathys this weekend and I used one of the bowls you made for her for a salad… I wondered if you have a lg bowl Icould purchase? If so can you send pic and the price? I understand your coming Fri. Maybe if you could bring it when you come. Thanks a bunch and Merry Christmas for Andy and I.

  2. Hi looking at your pottery I feel I may have a piece of yours but since no photos show your signature I’m not sure. If you could please email me back so I can attach photos. I’m in love with the piece it’s a rather large bowl and has similarities to your style!

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