Welcome to my gallery, The Pot Pantry!

Located 90 miles south of Kansas City on 69 highway sits a stone house built in 1865. It was first used as an office to load fresh fruit which was then hauled to town. Later it was used to house workers at the colonial motel. For awhile it was used for junk storage. Now it is a magical place for me to create & show my clay work. The first time I touched the clay I immediately saw a big pantry filled with pots made by me. So I named my space The Pot Pantry. Each time I enter the stone house, I feel the presence of those that built it. I thank them for building this rock house strong enough to withstand the test of time. I have a wheel & can throw pots. Perfectly round pots bore me & I prefer to hand build my pieces. That makes each piece one of a kind & totally my design. I created mugs for our local cancer group personalized with names of loved ones either fighting the cancer battle or in memory of a loved one that has died. I work with 4-H kids on their fair projects, many of whom have taken their clay masterpiece to the state level. Workshops are offered, art fairs are attended, competitions are entered & won, the clay is my world. Please visit my photo gallery for more of my work. All work shown is for sale. That changes daily & some pieces might not be available.
Stay Centered
bobbi kemna

All glazes are lead free.

By bobbikemnapottery

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