Good Morning!

Good Morning friends that I can’t see. As I sit here this morning thinking back on the week, I am shaking my head saying “what a ride”. My friend Susan, who is a big cheerleader of mine, was determined that I should have a web site & an etsy shop . She wanted more people to see what happens when the clay meets the hands of me. Now Susan says I need to blog (another foreign word to me) to keep you up to date on what happens in my 1865 rock house that I use for my clay studio & gallery. So here is the latest event of this week. I hosted a family of 4 on Thrusday for a 4 hour workshop playing in the mud. It is great fun for me to see someone that has never touched clay before, to end up with a “master piece”. Smiles, giggles & hugs & when can we come back happens every time I do a workshop. As we travel on this journey together, I will post pictures of the finished pottery pieces when they are ready. Susan did not say how long a blog should be so I will leave you wanting more—-I promise to share my humor, happenings, craziness & true love for the clay often.  Stay tuned————————————-
By bobbikemnapottery

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