Follow up on family workshop

Hello to my friends I cannot see—remember the clay workshop that I told you about a couple of weeks ago? I am happy to report that the bisque (first) firing was a success. No handles fell off, no major cracks in the bottoms–I was happy. Students were asked to come back to glaze. Ahhh, glazing. What a frustrating endeavor that can be cause,you see, most of the time the color of the glaze in the jar is nothing like the color it turns out to be on an actual piece of pottery. I always explain this to my clay buddies (yes we are buddies by the time to glaze) & having been forewarned, they accept what they get with a big smile. Ok, glazing is done, glaze firing is done–now for the grand finale–the kiln opening. Three young people & their mother all gather around the kiln to see what is under the lid. Excitement, nervousness, & finally lots of smiles of joy to see what they worked so hard on has turned into their very own masterpieces. A kiln opening is like Christmas & the gift is one that you made for yourself. Except I did hear Mom say “oh that is beautiful, it would look very nice setting on the table or bathroom for soap, ect” Then I hear from all of the young people “not happening mom, this goes in my room” Making memories———stay tuned for more to come.

By bobbikemnapottery

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