Busy as usual.

Good Morning To The Friends I Cannot See,
Where to start??? Well I can tell you that this rain filled period that we are going through is not friendly to my clay work drying. Uggggh—- and the rain & wind does not allow me to spray on the glazes on the table outside the studio door. So that means I either have to dip or pour the glazes or wait for a better day to spray glazes. Of course I prefer to spray so I can control the over spray of different colors which makes my work different than other potters. However, I have willed myself to have some self control over what I cannot control. FYI–that isn’t working very well.
So, lets talk about something else. 140 kindergarten students & 11 teachers came mid April for a field trip here & made pinch pots with lots of texture. That took 2 days & 4 busses but it was a wonderful time had by all. Probably me most of all. The kids made pots, watched me throw on the wheel (lots of ahhhs & big eyes on that one) brought sack lunches which they ate in my back yard, played tag, pulled & pushed the wagon & vowed to come back again. One mother shared her son’s comments with me when he got home from school “Mom, when I grow up I am going to be a potter like Mz Bobbi for my whole life”  That was pretty special I thought.  If he were older I would tell him “don’t quit your day job just yet. (smile)” I bisque fired the pots then returned them to school where the kids painted them.
The kiln has been working overtime the past few weeks to finish up the 4-H projects & my festival dates inventory. I went to Parsons on Sat for their Katy Days celebration. What a great group to work with. They set up big tents for the vendors to show under & provide tables & chairs. Those of you that follow my blog know that I like color. Sat, there was an older couple that visited my space several times with their eye on a large piece that had lots of color (purple, red, black, brown crawl & red gold glazes). Finally they said they wanted to buy it.  They were consolidating  their homes, getting married & building a new home for themselves. Most of what they now owed was dark colors & dull. They wanted color in their lives now.  My piece is to set on the new fireplace & they promised to send me a picture. You also know that after Harry died I tried my hand at painting. They look like my pots, lots of splats, splashed, & unorganized colors. The gentleman said “how much for the painting” I said “make me an offer” He did, I stuck out my hand & said “you got a deal”. So one of my paintings plus one of my colorful pots now has a new home in Denver, Colorado. Yipeeee–When others like what I do it makes doing it so much more worthwhile.
I better get back to work. Oh, and thanks to all of you that “liked” my pottery site on facebook. I was so surprised to get that response (over 500 likes). I guess most do not know that I write these blogs to keep you connected to my pottery life & was gently encouraged by a friend D D to tell people about that. So, feel free to forward this to anyone you want to. Have a great day & until we visit again
bobbi kemna

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