Workshop: A great gift!

Good Morning to the friends I cannot see,
Whew, it has been a whirlwind 2 months. My heart is so heavy with gratitude for all of you that like my pottery & buy my pottery. I fired & unloaded yesterday the last kiln load before Christmas. One workshop & 2 special orders plus a few of my last minute creations.  On the spur of the moment I decided to do a random act of kindness & placed some of my pots at Carmen’s hair shop. Those sold almost completely out–made way for me to make more & hopefully gave joy & smiles to those that found them.
Lets talk workshops-I hosted a father/daughter (which they picked up yesterday) & that was so much fun. I expected some trash talk like–I can make a better pot than you or you are so slow Dad or you are going to glaze it what color?. But I heard none of that–they worked together, often in silence, always with a smile on their face & the love between them was so obvious.  Each made completely different work. The Dad had done some clay in college so tried his hand on the wheel and actually threw a really good mug. A little heavy but it did not blow up in the kiln & the handle stayed on. Wahooo— OW the daughter also threw a bowl on the wheel. That took several tries & it definitely was a little heavy but again, it stayed in one piece. She chose several bright colors for that piece. Her favorite she said.
If any of you are at a loss for a Christmas gift please consider a gift certificate to do a workshop in the magical rock house. Lasting memories are made there,
I have to go over & put magnets on the pieces with a special name on it–they will be frig magnets.  I am hearing that children & adults like to see their name on the frig. These hold that special picture on the frig–maybe their first school paper, their school picture, the dogs picture, their first deer kill picture (I have a grandson that has several of these even though he is now 21) oh & I made 2 for grandmas grandchildren plus a picture frame for that new born grandson.
Anyway, enough chatter. I am looking forward to a new year & all the blessings that will come. I hope to see new faces in the rock house plus all of you that have been a part of my clay world & given me so much encouragement—Thank You.
I wish for all of you a very Blessed & Merry Christmas.
Until we visit again

bobbi kemna

By bobbikemnapottery

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