Happy Holidays

Good morning to the friends I cannot see,

Yesterday was a great kiln unloading day.  I have worked hard to finish up pots for the upcoming festivals & for the special orders. Since I haven’t mastered the way to put pictures on this blog, please go to my facebook page to see some of what came out of the kiln. I have always had lots of color in my space but as I grow older, the desire for color seems to get stronger. Thus the look of this last load.  So I have covered the kiln & am finished with firings until after the holidays. (well I say this but who knows–it might not stay that way!!!)  Yesterday while trying to put the studio back in some kind of order, I started wedging clay, & said to myself “don’t sit down–don’t sit down–don’t sit down” knowing that if I turned the slab roller handle or started to make coils I would be lost in that world for the rest of the day. Some of the comments on the look of this last load regarding the glazes==this is what happened. I get bored doing the same thing more than one time so at one point I found a straw, sucked up some glaze & just blew it on the pot that already had 4 glazes on it. It did turn out awesome (in my opinion). So don’t tell everyone how I glaze OK–they will just think I am smart or not.  It has been a good year. I am looking forward to next year. Who knows, it might be over the moon. But whatever comes, I will be ready. Thanks to all of you that read my silliness, put up with my ramblings, & perhaps have been motivated to put your hands in the mud.  It has altered my life & kept me centered. My work is like life—never perfect & always changing.

I wish for all of you Blessing from our God & a happy holiday season.

Stay Centered

bobbi kemna

By bobbikemnapottery

One comment on “Happy Holidays

  1. Bobbi, I so enjoy your blogs and will enjoy seeing your new creations!!! I have always loved your special gift with clay!!!Blessings and Happy Thanksgiving !!!Love you!!!Debbie 

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