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Wed, Aug 26 at 1:31 PM
Good Morning To The Friends I Cannot See,
Confidence—the difference between good and great. Ponder on that for a little bit my friends.  On Saturday my phone dinged with a text. It said “I found this pot in a consignment store. Is it yours and then a pic appeared of the pot”  I knew immediately it was mine. I responded “yes, that is my work and who is this?  Answer Tom in Dallas. I answered Tom in Dallas and told him it was gas fired to cone 10. He asked what cone 10 meant.  I said please call me and I will explain the process. He did—I did. He said he found my phone number on my facebook page. I related the story of the lady that filled her shop in Ft Worth Texas with my work, how I did a meet the artist one week end, I told of the lady that bought that pot and how she called her husband to measure the space to make sure the pot would fit. I remember it like it was yesterday. It has been at least 15 years ago. I did not date that pot (for reasons unknown to me now) but had signed my name and ft. scott, ks. on the bottom. I told Tom I made things out of clay, I was not an accomplished potter. How I admired those that could make perfect pots each time. He responded “I think your work is amazing and I am so glad I found this piece of pottery. I am building a house in NM and your work will be the focal point of my new house” Our conversation continued for awhile, I sent him more pictures of work in my gallery,  he continued to give me compliments. Sincere compliments. And the sentence that I started this blog with.  We never know how we might impact the lives of others. What words can change another person in a positive way. I see myself as someone who likes to play in the clay—Tom saw my work as great.  What a gift he gave me.
Did I mention that Tom is a teacher?  Not of clay but he appreciates art.  I was blessed to have met him even if it was over the phone. I am blessed that my work is traveling from state to state. I truly am blessed that Sammie came into my life those many years ago and wouldn’t let me quit.   Thank You—–
                                                                          Until we visit again
                                                                                                           Stay Centered
bobbi Kemna
By bobbikemnapottery

6 comments on “New Friend

  1. Love this story! Your pieces are exquisite! Love all of my pieces and think of you often and so admire your creativity and talent! One day I want to stop at your place. Jeanette Urbom Louisburg Sent from my iPhone


    • Every day Jeanne. Good to hear from you. Glad you read my blogs. Share the site with others. Would like to get more followers. Hope you are well

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