Good Morning to the friends I cannot see–

Every day I find myself in the studio with my hands in the clay & my mind racing with new ideas. Time for a glaze firing so I loaded the kiln with pots of all sizes & shapes, programmed in the correct cone setting, pushed the start button & went on with my day. Knowing that in the morning I would open the kiln lid to the magic. A couple of hours into the firing a voice in my head said “better go check the kiln & make sure the temperature is going up”. So I listened, walked to the kiln shed, looked at the temperature & it said FAILED TC2. “Darn It!” I thought. So I called my teacher to see what that meant. He told me to punch another number & with any luck the stalled tempture reading would continue to rise. I did–it did & the glaze firing ended on a positive note. However, I still have to address the problem because I have a whole room of pots drying that will need to be bisque fired & glaze fired. Would it be proper to say “Now I need to sell some pots so I can fix my kiln?” Probably not but I said it anyway. So if you are wanting to spruce up you space, come see what I have in the gallery. Each piece is sure to make you feel better & be happy. Stay tuned for more drama in the world of clay————–

By bobbikemnapottery

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