Hello from Bobbi

Hello to my friends that I cannot see—yes I fibbed somewhat when I said I would be back soon at the end of my last blog. Life has thumped me on the side of the head. Husband Harry passed away on April 14th. That has become a journey different from any other I have taken & is a story to tell at a later date. It is still to fresh to reflect on the past 2 months. This blog on the journey of the clay is supposed to make you feel better, not sad. Today I had booked another workshop with the family featured in the last blog. I kept asking myself if I could really do the job in my current frame of mind. So last night I said “bobbi, pull up your big girl panties & get on with life”.  I must say I am so glad they came. It pulled me out of my sad state of mind, made me smile, made me think, made me so glad that I have a gift to offer others. What creations came to life in my studio today—-a mama whale + her baby, plates to adorn the dinner table, wall hangings to hold treasures, decorated pinch pots to hold most anything, another animal but I forget what it was called but always laughter & happiness. So thank you my clay family for coming. Now the masterpieces are drying, waiting to be bisqued fired. Then glazed in time to enter them in the upcoming fair in July.
I attended the Olathe Art Festival over the week end. Another already planned event before Harry died. I am happy to report that now many families are enjoying my work in their homes. The invitation is always on the table to visit my studio & play house. Several ladies said they were coming to Ft. Scott. Yeah——–our town is unique & worth the trip to explore it.  So until next time—stay centered.
By bobbikemnapottery

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