Life continues—–

Good Morning To The Friends I cannot see—-got up early & set my wares out at our local farmers market today. Made a sale to a lady from Dallas, Texas.  Go Texas!!!!!  Saw a young 4-H man who is coming to glaze his work next Tues. I had to break the news to him that one of his masterpieces blew up in the bisque kiln this week.  He had made a double pinch pot with a handle & pouring spout. It really was cool but he had not pinched it thin enough & it was way too thick, thus the explosion in the kiln. He took the news quite well with a smile (remember my words to all students–it is what it is–we have no control on the kiln when we shut the lid). HOWEVER, I had already thought of ways to salvage the piece so we will see how it turns out so STAY TUNED for the outcome. It has been just too blasted hot to do much in the studio but the weather man promises cooler temps for next week. I have a few large pieces to spray glaze also, so hope to get those done before the glaze firing on Wed. The newspaper came out for an interview on my journey with the clay & that article aired this week. The lady did a really good job of taking my words & making the story very enjoyable to read. I have had several compliments already & an inquiry on a husband/wife workshop. So life is going forward but there is an emptiness around me without husband Harry. Thank goodness for the clay–it keeps me centered. So till next time–you stay centered too.
bobbi kemna
By bobbikemnapottery

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