Bourbon County Fair

Hello to my friends that I cannot see—-yes, it’s still hot as heck here in Ks but the county fair started on time this Monday. The parking lot was filled with excited young people ready to show off their hard work & had high hopes that the judges would like what they had picked to enter in the fair & award them with the grand prize–in both ribbons & money. I hurried out early on Tuesday to see how the young people had done with their clay creations. I am just like a proud mama with her newborn child—-TWO of the kids won GRAND CHAMPION (big ribbons & money) the rest boasted the 1st prize ribbons (purple). When I got home there were messages on my machine telling me of their wins. Their excited voices were priceless (as the commercial goes). So now it is time to get back in the studio for “bobbi” time. I feel ready & hope the creative juices start to flow & the next masterpiece is only a slab away. So congrats to the fair winners & thank you for helping me get through this most difficult time. Till the next story—stay centered.
bobbi kemna
By bobbikemnapottery

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