Playing in the mud

Hello to the friends I cannot see—finally I had a load of pots to fill the kiln. Got all of my glazing done (sprayed some till the sprayer decided to quit working) dipped some & poured some & even brushed on some glaze this time. I prefer spraying so when mine failed to work I called the neighbor & he brought his over so I could finish the job. Neighbors are wonderful people to have close when either you have a problem that needs fixed OR you have cooked too much food & need a place to unload it. Anyway, this load fired in the elect kiln actually turned out pretty darn good. In fact, there were none that needed to be placed in the closet for time out. All of these will make it to the next art festival. Which brings me to the next topic of discussion—I made application to a big festival in Melbourne  Fla which takes place in the fall. It is a juried event which means if the juror doesn’t happen to like your style you don’t get invited to come. I AM PLEASED TO SAY THAT I DID GET THE INVITATION TO COME–I am so excited. Actually wasn’t sure if I would fit in with the Florida venue & had prepared myself for “we are sorry to inform you—“. Instead they said “send us the money & drive on down”. Well not exactly in those words but the same meaning:) So this potter will be in the rock house spending long hours in the mud to create those masterpieces to set on the table at the Melbourne festival. The rest of the story to be continued—-till then my friends  STAY CENTERED
bobbi kemna
By bobbikemnapottery

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