My Wanderlust Satisfied

Hello to the friends I cannot see—-I think the last blog was forever ago. At least it feels that way. Yes, I did pack my car with pots & headed out on a journey that I have wanted to do for years.
daughter Carmen & I drove to Melbourne, Fla Sept 30th. Stayed a week & did an art festival. It was so hot. I met a lot of interesting people, many who now have my work in their homes. Then daughter Jill flew in to Melbourne & traveled with me to Biloxi Miss. She stayed a week & we enjoyed an event called Cruising the Coast. That was amazing— 6,149 antique cars filled 30+ miles cruising hwy 90 from daylight to daylight again. RV’s lined the curbs with people sitting in their chairs, cooking on their grills–I even saw a popcorn machine like in the movie house sitting on one of their tables. PARTY TIME for sure. Then I was alone for a week sitting on the porch of son Mike’s house making pots. Yes, I made pots even on vacation. Every day for 3 weeks I sat on the beach soaking up those rays. Walked the beach for miles & miles every day. Week 4 clay friend Sharon flew in to explore the area with me & take advantage of the beach, sun, waves & fun. Then son Mike came in & we headed to Dallas Texas. Finally drove myself home yesterday. All in all, I did 3 art festivals, met incredible people who invited me to their homes, ate a lot of really good food & thanked Harry each day for watching over me. Now I have another kiln load of pots to fire tomorrow to get ready for the holiday season. And, of course, this is a condensed version of a packed 5 weeks, but if you want to hear more details, just give me a call. I can talk for hours on this amazing journey. So until we visit again—STAY CENTERED.
bobbi kemna
By bobbikemnapottery

2 comments on “My Wanderlust Satisfied

  1. Bobbi…so glad you were able to travel, enjoy it and encounter newe thigns to incorporate into your amazing work! What local shows do you have planned? I need to catch up!

  2. Didn’t realise you had taken such an awesome journey…. I know Melbourne well as I used to live there back in the late 70’s. Love your website and of course your pottery. One day I want to come out to play and create some art with you… Have never done clay before but would have fun learning from such a creative and clever artist. 🙂

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