Starting the New Year

Hello to the friends I cannot see—-a new year, a new blog. Makes sense–right?  Finally the holidays are over. All of our children, their children & now their girlfriends, babies, ect came home for Christmas week. I had wall to wall people which I absolutely love. I cleaned the house for a week before they came & now am cleaning after they have gone home. I gave myself this week to get back to normal, then I am heading to the rock house. The clay is past calling my name, it is SHOUTING my name. Get back over here & get busy.  But let’s back up just a little, the week before christmas (during the cleaning) I had a phone call from a girl saying she & 5 of her friends wanted to come the next night for a birthday clay workshop party.  I said “I’m sorry, when did you want to come” Response “tomorrow night”. My brain said No Way but my heart said Why Not. My heart won that short debate with myself & I immediately said “of course, what time will you be here?” They came after school, put on aprons, turned off cell phones, & got busy creating thier own masterpiece. What a great time we had & I sure enjoyed it more than cleaning the house. After 2 weeks of drying, I loaded the kiln Monday for the bisque firing. I will call the mother in charge tomorrow to set up a glazing time.   Creating in clay is the easy part, glazing to most potters is harder. Mostly because the glaze sometimes is not predictable. Unlike painting a picture & the color you put on the canvas is what you get as an end result—glazing can be very tricky & hardly ever what you get out of the kiln is what you thought it was going to be. It is like christmas at every kiln opening. I hope the girls & I like the surprise we get when we open the kiln next week. I will let you know———————–
Stay Centered until we visit again
By bobbikemnapottery

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