Keeping busy!

Good Morning To The Friends I Cannot See—The weather man says it is going to be almost 60 degrees today. Definitely potting weather. Well, actually, any time, any temp is potting weather. The studio is full of many masterpieces created in the last 3 weeks by local ladies just waiting to dry & be fired. In fact, I am loading the kiln today for a bisque firing, many pieces are mugs for the sharing bucket fund raiser. I am getting better at making the mugs. Most of you know that I really don’t like to sit at the wheel & create round but in doing the mugs I can make some narrow & taller–short & squatter (that’s not a word I bet) attach handles with some charater & if I am honest here–make some mugs that are not always perfectly round. But hey, when the lip touches the rim the liquid in the mug does not drip on the shirt. That’s very important. I am thinking about setting some time for others to come to the rock house that may want to make a mug or two for the sharing bucket. Lavetta & I are talking about it. Stay tuned for more details & final decisions.
PS– remember the birthday girls that came–they were able to gather around the kiln last Sat for the kiln opening. As I lifted the lid I saw big eyes, big smiles & excitement. Mom took pictures as we took the pieces out. Nothing broke, cracked or exploded. That was a good thing. In fact, there was some darn good pottery work going on there. The birthday girl & her friends will have something forever to remember that fun day. Making memories–so important in this day & age when taking time to make memories seems to be getting lost.
So friends–time to go make a pot. Until we meet again STAY CENTERED
bobbi kemna

By bobbikemnapottery

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