Just an update!!!

Good Morning To The Friends I cannot see.
Whew, where to start. This has been a very busy 6 weeks in the pot pantry. Several people have & are doing workshops. The individual talent that is emerging is truly a miracle to be a part of. One lady from Missouri (and she raises goats) has skipped over the small stuff & jumped right into the big stuff. Well, she did start with a small pinch pot, as all newbies must do, but her goal is to learn everything she can quickly (little does she know the clay often rejects quickly) & make trophies for the goat shows. She found a preowned kiln & now has some clay so as soon as I show her how to turn on the kiln, I suspect she will be off & running at a fast pace.
One local lady (she helped me through the emotional task of picking out Harry’s headstone) came with her friend & they shared special time together. And made some really cool pieces of pottery. As they visited, their hands worked, & wala (is that a word?) masterpieces came to life.
Friends are priceless.
A 4-H boy is coming today because he said “I need to get my project done early aunt bobbi” Yes, that would be Zach. He shows cattle & last year waited until later in the spring & by then it was to late to make pottery for the fair. Thinking ahead—-what a good trait.
A load of bisque ware finished firing late last night so I hope to glaze again on Friday. Invitations are coming in now for the festivals. I probably won’t attend as many as I have in the past but will continue to do those closer to home. Putting up a tent on the street proves to be a daunting task for this 70+ gal so maybe it’s time to slow it down. Of course, I hope to make the trip back to florida & mississippi in the fall. There is lots more swirling around in my head this morning but for now
bobbi kemna

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