Good Morning To The Friends I Cannot See,
Finally—something that looks like winter. We got the sleet but it is white & looks like winter. Yesterday was the perfect day to stay home & work in the clay. I carefully made my way to the rock house, turned on the music (well it is always on), turned on the waterfall, & began to work on the sharing bucket mugs. FYI–it is not necessary for someone to have cancer to order a mug. This is a fundraiser for our local cancer group & the mugs are perfect for anyone you care about–even yourself. If you are interested just call Lavetta, Joy or Teresa (or me) & order one. I got caught up in the day I guess because at the end of the day I noticed that I had drawn hearts & written “faith” on 4 of the mugs. Normally they have a special someone’s name on them or are plain. I also spent time glazing a lot of mugs that came out of the bisque kiln on Wed. Those will go in to glaze fire probably next Tues. Since it doesn’t look like I can get out of my driveway today either, I better put my boots on & head out to the rock house to make more mugs. Those that ordered mugs at the sharing bucket’s last meeting, they will be ready next week. This is a short visit but my hands are ready to make more mugs.
Stay centered my friends until we visit again.

By bobbikemnapottery

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