Good Morning to the friends I cannot see,
AUUUGGGGGGHHHHHH—those are letters of frustration. Why am I in love with the clay. Not enough time to count the reasons. What do I not love about the clay? Maybe it’s because it has a spirit of it’s own & I cannot control it. And I cannot control that dang kiln. I unloaded the cancer mugs on Thrusday. So those of you that have one ordered, call Lavetta or me for pick up. I immediately reloaded the kiln with a months worth of dried pots to do a bisque firing. There was a lot of work from myself & the other workshops waiting to fire. Remember, in the first firing, the bisque, pots can be stacked & touching so that allows many more pots to be fired at the same time. With that in mind, I filled the kiln to the brim—not an inch of shelf was showing. In the recesses of my mind I thought “hummm, that’s a lot of pots”. Ok, got up yesterday & turned it on, gave it my blessing & went on with my day. Went out at 2;30 to check the temp & said “dang it”. Instead of the temp rising, I saw the dreaded word ERR meaning it had shut down. So I called my trusted handy man & he is coming today to take a look at it. In reading the manual, I don’t think it is a major blip but I don’t do elect or high ladders or plumbing. But will have to completely unload & that takes a lot of time. I am just so thankful it happened on the bisque firing & not the glaze firing. So, see, God is good. He tests my patience daily but usually only in a way that I can handle. Remember, He said “I am the potter–you are the clay” Guess that explains a lot.
Stay centered until we visit again
bobbi kemna

By bobbikemnapottery

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