Good Morning to the friends I cannot see,
Boy do I have a lot of news today. Where to start????? Of course we had a horrid hail storm which did a lot of damage to a lot of homes in ft. scott–I fared better than most–must replace 3 roofs, fix siding, screens, ect but no broken windows. And the shed that houses the kiln & lots of clay work drying was undamaged. That was a blessing. That was the bad news–the good news is MY NEW KILN IS ARRIVING IN 2 HOURS. More energy efficient, faster, bigger–all of those things will help me in firing the many masterpieces that are being created in the magical rock house. On Tues & Wed this week I played hostess to 160 kindergarden children. They learned how to make a pinch pot & texture their pot. What an exciting & fun time I had. The new kiln will quickly get a good workout firing those pinch pots. Three home schooled young people that had done a workshop last week agreed to be my helpers with this project. Let me tell you, It would have been much more difficult without them. So thank you to Gabe,Megan & Christin–you rock. I also worked with 3 young people last week getting their fair projects done. Each year my 4-H students win top honors at the fair. That makes me happy & proud. Last year one girl made an awesome mother whale & a baby whale. It won the highest honor given. What really blew my mind was that when I went to the clay conference in Houston last month, displayed in the K-12 exhibit was a blue whale similar to my students. Glazed in blue–same, same. That blew my mind & I thought “wow, artist minds thinking alike”. That’s it for today. My kiln is here. So until we visit again, STAY CENTERED. bobbi kemna

By bobbikemnapottery

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