My Young Potters

Good Morning To The Friends I Cannot See,
Well, the weatherman says it is officially SUMMER. Finally they have said something I believe!
I got up early this morning & started the kiln for a bisque firing. It holds some masterpiece pots made by 2 boys in 4-H. These boys have spent time in the rock house for several years now & always win top ribbons at the fair. This year may be a tough one for the judges because every 4-H pot maker has said “I know this will win big time at the fair this year”. I totally agree. I am just blown away at the level of artistic ability I am seeing from the young people. So I say THANK YOU to the parents that have trusted their young people to be a part of my life. We will glaze next week so all of the work will be ready in plenty of time for the fair.
My new kiln is just great. I doubt that it is making a difference in the finished product but I am happy. I found some brown cone 6 clay last week in the studio so sat down with it yesterday & made a few handbuilt pieces. Not all glazes look good on the brown clay so I must remember that when it’s time to glaze. Blues are usually very pretty. Green looks horrid. I have several pots hidden in the closet that look like that. Horrid that is. The orphans that I placed on the front porch of the rock house have all gone to new homes. In fact, I visited someone last week & saw flowers planted in a pot of mine in their flower garden. Most of you remember that the orphans do have a crack in the bottom (perfect for water drainage) or missing a handle or in some way not one that I can sell in the gallery. So another THANK YOU for giving the not so perfect or pretty pots another lease on life. Until we glaze———-
Stay Centered
bobbi kemna

By bobbikemnapottery

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