Good morning to the friends I cannot see,
What an awesome show that Nature put on for us this morning. I stood in awe at the window at 2am. Thunder, lightening, heavy rain, some wind (the tree limbs were dancing to the beat of the thunder) absolutely awesome. Hope most of you were able to enjoy the show also. However, I DO NOT fire the kiln when I know a storm is coming so the kiln has sat idle for several days now. I do have a glaze load ready & am going to at least load the kiln when I finish this. HR came yesterday to glaze her last piece before leaving for college in a couple of weeks. She said ” I can still come back next summer to make pots can’t I?” Absolutely I said.
Fair week came–always a very busy time for 4-H potters. I am proud to announce that all of my masterpiece makers won purples & 2 grand champions (in both age groups). A grandmother is bringing her 8 year old granddaughter tomorrow to play in the clay. I was able to try my new glazes that I found in Houston at the clay conference in March. In fact, it was nice to be able to show ND (who came to glaze this morning) what the glazes actually look like when fired. Ice Blue from Coyotte Clay is very nice. It breaks, meaning two or more variations of color show up on the pot with just one dip in the glaze. I am focused on making inventory for my trip to the art festival In Melbourne, Fla in the fall. OH, & I am showing at our local farmers market on Tues & Sat this year. Mz Phyliss is back here from Naples, Fla with the same invitation to me to come to Naples to showcase my work this fall. Oh my, talking about clay, pots, festivals, my hands are itching so I must get back to the studio. Till we visit again
bobbi kemna
ft. scott potter

By bobbikemnapottery

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