Hello to the friends I cannot see,
Thank you weather man–he is predicting a wonderful week full of sunshine & no storms in sight.
So with that knowledge, I just finished loading the kiln with the final glaze load before Christmas.
Against my better judgment, I did glaze a piece that has a big hunk of copper wire on the front & will fire to a cone 6. I know that wire will melt & run–question is–will it stop before it reaches the shelf. I sure hope so. It is not a pretty sight when glaze or other objects melt & run off the pot. In fact, the sight will haunt you forever & cause you to lose sleep. I keep thinking I should pull the pot out before turning on the kiln. Then I say “go for it–it’s only mud”. I have till morning to see which voice wins.
CW came today for a clay fix. He had two masterpieces in mind when he came this summer. Only time for one then so he came today to create the other vision. In fact, he made 2 kick (you know) pieces that are really good. I can’t wait for them to get finished.
Christmas is almost here. All of my children & families will gather as we do every year. Second Christmas without Harry. It has been a long journey without him. So I take this time to wish all of you that have played such an important part in our lives a VERRY BLESSED HOLIDAY.
I plan to offer workshops again this year–difference will be some trips with the kids—so as the airlines say “blackout days will be in play this year”. Call if you want to spend some time in the magical rock house playing in the mud this year.
Till we visit again————

By bobbikemnapottery

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