Bring it on! Spring, that is.

Good Morning to the friends I cannot see,
Winter may just be fading out. I sure hope so. I must admit that I did not brave the ice & snow much this winter to get to the rock house. I looked at it from the window & dreamed of clay turning into something beautiful. However, last week I did get busy since shows are now ready for an entry form.  It was like an old friend giving me a big hug when I sat down in the studio. That is the effect that the clay has on me. I also turned on the kiln for a bisque firing last week. About time since CW is waiting for his work to get finished. He has lots of patience & I thank him for that. So now I am pumped about what the clay will do for me this year. Workshops are being scheduled, art events are calling for me to enter, people are coming to buy that special gift, life is good. And the sunshine is working a miracle on my attitude.  ATTITUDE—must have it. I am planning to spray glaze on Monday. It is supposed to be warm & I hope not too windy. So stay tuned for the results of the first glaze firing of 2014. I also am looking for new glazes for this season. I plan to make more myself instead of buying glazes already made. I have lots of chemicals so it is time to try new things. I am finding that getting older makes it easier to go out on a limb & try new things. So what if it doesn’t work. Just try again. So if any of you are needing an “attitude fix” come to the magical rock house, make a pot, or just sit on the porch swing. You will leave feeling much better. Until we visit again——————–
bobbi kemna

By bobbikemnapottery

2 comments on “Bring it on! Spring, that is.

  1. I SURE DO LOVE YOU xoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxo

    Thank You,
    Nancy Kemna
    Technical Support /
    Technical Training Supervisor

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