Fall is coming with new happenings!

Good Morning To The Friends I Cannot See,
Yes, it is really me.  I have put off writing a new blog all summer–for lots of reasons, busy with grandchildren, busy with grandchildren, busy with grandchildren—oh wait, I have already said that (3 times it seems) The other reason is/was I said to myself “self, what do you have to say that is fresh & new & you have not said before?” Actually nothing but for some reason today that doesn’t matter. I will keep saying the same thing over & over but perhaps with a new twist. I did get some studio time in this summer, did workshops, fired pots, had glazes run on the shelf ( I hate it when that happens & it seemed to happen with each firing this summer) & got lots of exercise carrying pots from one place to another. I hosted 22 school children in May. They made pinch pots & played tag in the back yard, ate their lunch everywhere, cleaned up after themselves, boarded their bus & left. I just looked on in awe. I hosted a grandparent/grandchildren workshop in August. That was a hoot. After being introduced to the clay via a pinch pot, each person (10 in all) took their turn at the wheel. Wheel throwing is not easy. It looks easy but the clay seems to fly in all directions until the art of centering is learned. That was the favorite thing of the workshop they said even though they got dirty, laughed at each other & made memories that will last a lifetime.  One thing I did not do this summer is clean the studio. The dust bunnies have definitely made their home apparent so that task in on the calendar for next week.
Festival events are coming up for this month:  I will be showing at The Bungalow Boutique  this Sat & Sun Sept 13th & 14th in Louisburg, Ks–just south of KC. Then I was invited to show at the Louisburg Cider Mill on Sept 27th & 28 for their apple fest. I have never attended this event. I thought parents took their kids to find a pumpkin. That does happen, however, I am being told that this is the largest vendor event in our area & tons of people come to start their Christmas shopping, always on the look out for hand crafted, unusual wares to give as that perfect gift. So I am going to be ready for those shoppers. Hope you will be one of them.
My kiln seems to be working right, I finally remembered to put a big cone in this week to make sure it was firing to temp. The cone bended as it was supposed to so I was happy about that.  I even sprayed glazes last week, something I have not done for a long time. I love the look of spraying glazes. It allows for the feathering of multiple colors of glazes which make a totally different look on the work.
O K–enough for now. Please mark your calendars for the upcoming festivals & see my new work. Daughter Jill suggested that I make some star picture frames for the holidays so I have 12. At least 3 will break in the loading so you do the math of how many will be available. They will hang on the tree & you can tape a picture of your children, husband, you or your pet in the middle so that image will smile from the tree this year. Then when Christmas is over, you can hang it on a dresser pull, cabinet pull or where ever you want to keep the smiles always on hand.
Till we visit again
bobbi kemna

By bobbikemnapottery

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