Busy! Busy! Busy!

Oct 27 at 10:06 AM
 Good morning to the friends I cannot see,
How about we visit about something other than clay today. Well maybe just a little bit about clay since I did finally fire the big draped bowl last week. It turned out awesome if I might say so myself. I had spotted an old glass lamp shade (the kind that fits on the top of a lamp & has an open top) so I put clay on it & turned upside down it  became a bowl. I made a base for it so it would be quite sturdy. I am entering it in the Spivia Gallery show for Nov. Of course the piece flows, dips, & has a lot of spirit & I used some slip trail to make dots all over it–inside & out–quite lovely. Did I take a picture, nope–should have done that. Dang it———–
I hosted our Midwest Clay Artists group yesterday. Who would have thought we could picnic outside the end of Oct. Great day. We cooked on the fire ring, watched the leaves fall from the trees, had a short meeting since that was the purpose of the gathering, & enjoyed just being together sharing our clay stories. Justin & Randy stayed & we took a trip through the pasture. I showed them my “secret place” saw tons of hedgeballs but the big find was pile of cow bones. Justin was so excited as he is an artist of wood sculptures & immediately saw what he could do with the bones. I cannot wait to see what he does. There will be hanging art, bones included into the wood pieces, bones put together in a new way to look like something other than a cow–the final pieces will be amazing. It was a good day.
I have been busy with pears, apples, more tomatoes, & other late fall fruits. Like the squirrels, I am hording up for a long winter. For sure I will not go hungry. People have been generous with their produce this year & I thank them for thinking of me. I cannot stand for anything to go to waste. I drive my kids crazy making soup from the bones scrapes but it sure is good soup.
I do need to get back to the rock house this week & get busy—hope to fill one more kiln load before the holidays. I was invited to put some work in the Bungalow Boutique in Louisburg, Ks (just south of Kc on 69 hwy). Their holiday open house is Nov 7th-8th & 9th. So mark your calendar for that. Kim has so many incredible styles of clothes, bags, jewelry, lots of bling, & vintage furniture items. So much nicer that shopping at the mall where everything looks the same.  So do yourself a favor & join us for her open house.
Guess I better get on with this day. Till we visit again  STAY CENTERED.
bobbi kemna
By bobbikemnapottery

2 comments on “Busy! Busy! Busy!

  1. Enjoyed your letter, glad you can stay busy with doing your clay, which you truly love. Everything is fine here, Lisa, Jordan got married Sept 27, was really beautiful, but simple, the bride, Brooke, made all of the decorations, made the bouquets, Jordan helped with decorating, too.They make use a sweet couple, they known each other since 7th grade, and have the same interests, hunting, fishing and camping. Not many couples can say that. Jan & Julie were able to be here, but their stay was short. Diana & Bill’s, Shaun,will be married, Jan 31, everyone will be here for that, it will be in Orange City, IA. I’m enjoying the baseball game, I’m sure you are, too. The Royals deserve to win the Series, after 29 years. I didn’t know that Tom and Nancy shared the same birthday. Keep in touch, Marie


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