Good Ending 2014

Good Morning to the friends I cannot see,
We had our first snow last night–a  beautiful sight if you like snow–I got over it years ago. Liking it that is.    A few years ago when Harry had to help me up from making snow angels I decided to gracefully let go of that part of winter. I just finished my walking workout with a DVD with Leslie Sansone.  An amazing workout–I encourage all of you to try it. Start with the power mile, then the power 2 mile, then the power 4 mile (which I do now). Leslie says if you do this workout, it equals losing one meal a day. During this marathon eating month I hope she is right.
Let’s talk about clay. After all, isn’t that what this blog is about. Each day in my life is full of “the clay”. I finished up the last glaze firing (mine & the rest of the workshops work) a couple of weeks ago. Just in time for the annual holiday festival here in ft. scott. Last week as I looked around the rock house I said to myself “bobbi, you have tons of clay here, how about you use it up before restocking” Over 10 years ago I purchased an awesome clay from Minn Clay Co. It has a lot of iron which makes those brown spots that I dearly love when glazed & fired to cone 10. I expected it to be hard & need to be soaked to make it moist & usable. When I poked the plastic bag, to my disbelief, the clay was as moist as the day it was packaged.  I laughed outloud, said a big thank you, opened the bag & began to create . If I do say so myself, there are some great pieces coming out of that clay. I can hardly wait for the finished work. I was going to say masterpiece, but that might be a little over the top. Workshops for the new year are already being booked. Working in the rock house is magical & all of us need magic during the dreary months of winter.
Lastly, I want to thank all of you that read my nonsense. I especially want to thank those of you that like my style of pottery making. The rock house has been busy this week with customers coming to choose that unique gift for that someone special in their life. I even received a picture on my phone yesterday with the message “just wanted to share this with you. I bought this pot in 1994 & it remains one of my favorites” Ahhhh—that started my day off HAPPY. So to all of you THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR INVESTING IN ME—–
And please remember that JESUS is the reason for the season. I wish all of you a blessed Christmas & a happy new year.
Till we visit again

bobbi kemna

By bobbikemnapottery

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