“Dang it”

Good morning to the friends I cannot see,
Remember how I have told you that not all kiln openings are like Christmas?  Disclaimer–sometimes there are some jewels hiding in the ugliness. Ugliness first–upon opening the lid I said “Dang it”.  Even though I had thought ahead & set my largest piece of work on wire stilts–the glaze had moved so far it was on the stilts & on the shelf. And not even the glaze that I had put on the top knowing it sometimes moved, it was the old reliable blue glaze that everyone loves. (thus my thought that piece would sell quickly). It’s OK I said–other pieces were nice. Remove the top shelves & look—“Dang it” came out again. There was a great mug glazed in white & at the last minute (not able to leave just one glaze on anything) I brushed some blue  lines plus some green dots on the blue lines. The overall look was stunning—on the mug but not so much as it reached the shelf.  I didn’t get mad, or upset & vow to stop making pots, I did continue to unload the kiln & did find some really nice pieces. They will be available at our art walk this Friday downtown.  Did I learn a lesson from this–yes & it was Everything does not go as planned so learn to deal with it & continue down the path of life. The shelves were grinded off (thanks to Mark) & I just put new kiln wash on all of them. I have a load almost ready to bisque fire next week–but as I glaze that load I will try to remember what glazes not to use. Oh wait, I never write anything down (as my teacher Sammie taught me) so perhaps I won’t remember this load & it will happen again.
The upside of this story is that all of this work was mine. It’s much harder for the students to lose a piece (especially on me) & that doesn’t happen often. Stress cracks, yes, but when that happened to a young girl she said “That’s OK Mz Bobbi—it is what it is”  I will remember her smile & upbeat manner forever.
Until we meet again
Stay centered
bobbi kemna
potter wantabe

By bobbikemnapottery

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