Best of Days

Good Evening to the friends I cannot see,
It’s been my experience that most people don’t care to hear about other peoples daily happenings. Well, this has been a great day & I am going to share it with you—like it or not.  Normally I only blog about the clay world, students in my workshops & their great creations, glazes that worked or didn’t work & ran all over the shelf & off of the pot they were on, upcoming art festivals, ect  ect  ect. This is a little bit about that cause I finally played in the mud long enough to fill the kiln for a bisque load last week, glazed all day mon, loaded the kiln on Tues & hit the start button on Wed (yesterday). Got up early this morning simply because it is just too hard to wait to open the kiln to see what is there. Still 250 degrees at 8 this morning so I just barely opened the lid to peek. Looked good what I could see. So put on my walking shoes & headed for the trail to put in my daily 2 miles of quietness.
Back up to yesterday–friend SP & I made a trip to the city for various things–at the top of the list was our usual thrift store visits. OMG–I found this amazing old wooden swimming pool chaise lounge with wheels on one end to move it around.  I was so excited but the price was $129.99. Too much I said, but then I saw in big numbers  50% off. Oh that’s doable I thought. Then I read the sign that said Senior Day 25 per cent off on Wed. Well, let me tell you being old doesn’t have many advantages but it sure worked in my favor yesterday.  It is now taking its Royal place in my living room. And yes, I do have to get rid of a chair but who else will have a swimming pool chaise in their living room but me. I was/am so excited over this.  Then I found this amazing wood desk, quickly sent a pic to friend ME (did she want it–Yes she said) so it too was loaded in my car.
Back to this morning–after my walk I delivered the desk to ME–stopped in at daughters hair salon–sit down she said & I will put some color on your hair. I did–she did–then said “I think you need a trim” Hummm–I thought my hair was just right. Guess not——did the post office, paid the city water bill, It was time to go home & check the kiln. For the first time in a long time I was happy with the whole load. Usually at least one piece doesn’t make me happy. But today everything looked great (in my opinion) which doesn’t always count for much–my opinion I mean.  I did post a couple of pictures on facebook, have gotten many positive responses & that, of course, makes the day even better.  My sister gave me some meat cause she was cleaning her freezer out so I even had steak for dinner tonight. And I heard from a dear friend that I had not heard from for a few months.  And I managed to make another pot this afternoon. Wow—What a day—–
This is the day the Lord has made
Let us rejoice & be glad.
Now if the royals could just win their ball game the day would end perfectly.

Until we visit again
Stay Centered

bobbi kemna

By bobbikemnapottery

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