To the friends I cannot see,

Hi Ho–Hi Ho it’s off to work I go———–oh wait I’m old and don’t go to work anymore. That’s why I was able to take a long, long, long time off this winter from real life. Sat on the beach, swam in a huge heated pool,& read a gazillon books.  No clay but did do a lot of painting (in my style) in the evenings. I had a marvelous time & enjoyed every minute. Met several interesting people at the pool. But you know, when it was time I was ready to come home. I missed being in charge & making things happen. I missed my friends. At one point I said to myself “self, maybe it’s time to give up the clay & settle in to the golden years”. I just spent 3 hours in my happy place–the rock house. I can tell you I am not ready to give up the clay.  This has been the best morning just letting the creative juices flow. I have no one to please but me today & the clay responded in some very interesting ways.  So since I am happy I was thinking it might be good to make others happy. What about a play day in a couple of months.\?? Come spend the day just playing in the mud, visiting with your friends, roaming the pasture to find your texturing tools, have a cook out, induldging in your favorite beverage,  just get your life centered. More info to come on this but in the meantime feel free to contact me with your thoughts. Would you be interested?

Gotta get back to the mud.

Till we visit again——————————————–STAY CENTERED


By bobbikemnapottery

3 comments on “Centered!!!

  1. Bobbi, I would love to play in the mud again! Its been a long time since I free handed something or threw a pot on the wheel! Spending the day with you and friends would be so much fun!!!! A Saturday or Sunday afternoon would work for me. I would love to join in your happiness!!!!

  2. Bobbi …. I purchased and loved, many of your pieces that you had in the back yard of the Bungalow few years back. At that time I showed interest in your classes and would love to have some of your time. Let me know if you are still doing classes.

    Jeanette Urbom Louisburg

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