Treasures From The Kiln

Good morning to the friends I cannot see—

Well, actually it is evening now. I feel like I am on one of those spinning tops that wobble and  if you don’t set up straight and hang on tight you fall off. Just opened the kiln and found treasures. Some were mine and one of those stuck to the shelf with glaze running off the piece. I hate it when that happens. Some were pieces that belonged to a workshop mother and daughter. JW had a real “shiner”  that’s professional talk for a piece that turned out so beautiful it made the eyes hurt. Her daughter AW did an awesome job on making her pieces come to life with her skill in glazing. After all it is her 2nd workshop. AW had some time before her mother finished so I put her to work glazing some of my knobs for the dresser that I am painting.

Then there were pieces for FH for the prizes for the bike races this week end at Gunn Park.  The weatherman said it was going to be sunny and hot. That will be perfect. This is quite an event and if you have not made it out to see what it is all about please make some time Sat or Sun or both to get involved.  I will have a table of pots set up for you to see, other vendors will be there with their wares, and Thomas from Az will be offering chair massages to relax those tight muscles. And a concert Sat night will finish off the day.

I am still thinking about that pot that stuck to the shelf. There is definitely some grinding in my future. That’s a lot of work but even the very best professional potters have to grind shelves. And they sometimes have a horrible kiln load of pots. Fortunately I only had one. Sometimes a pot blows up in the kiln and ruins all other pots. So really Bobbi, pull up your big girl pants and just go grind the shelf. And put your hands in the clay and be happy.

Till we visit again———-

                                                   Stay Centered

bobbi kemna


By bobbikemnapottery

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