Happy summer!

Good Morning To The Friends I Cannot See,
I absolutely LOVE the summertime. I love the hot weather, the sun on my skin, the long daylight days, the chance to work till 10pm outside before coming in the house, the meals sitting on the porch, I love the whole thing about summer.  Having said that, you need to know that I have been busy staying in the magical rock house working on new work until dark. The kiln is firing as I write this—-2nd firing in 3 days.  I met a lady from KC (thanks to Laura) that shared with me how to patina copper. I tried it yesterday (well the process took 2 days) and was amazed when the copper/tin actually started to turn blueish. I made some clay crosses and attached them to the tin. I am so excited about these.   I did post some pics on facebook (again thanks to my children who try to keep me tech savy somewhat) and it appears that many of you saw these pic and commented on them. Thanks for that. More good news—I am hosting a meeting today for the vendors that have agreed to join me for “the best art festival in the world” (that title was suggested by chef Tim last night) which will take place on Sept 15th. My vision when buying this property was to fill the whole 4 acres of green space (well probably 3 acres since bldgs take up some of that space) with artists. People coming together to have a good time &sharing their vision of art.
So if you are an artist and want to be a part of this, contact me for details.  Please save this date in your phone notes, calendar, or little black book and join us Sept 15th. There will be music on my orange porch, BBQ from a guy in KC (friend of Ruth and Larry) dancing in the driveway if that floats your boat, and FUN.  I was up at 7 baking chocolate chip cookies for my guests coming in a little while.  I will come back to visit soon. In the meantime—please plan to come to ft. scott, ks on sept 15th.  Oh, maybe smores after dark??????  So excited about this event. I even agreed to paint my toenails bright yellow with bright neon dots.  I giggle each time I look down and see bright yellow.
Till we meet again——————
                                                                      Stay Centered
bobbi kemna
By bobbikemnapottery

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