Back in the “Rock House”

Good Morning To The Friends I Cannot See,

 Just a quickie today—-I left for the winter (and a good thing since it was miserable here) so today am having to learn how to use the washing machine again. I had a mound of dirty clothes. Opened the door to an empty frig so have to go food shopping.  I did load the kiln yesterday with a bisque load of pots and now I will spend the rest of the week glazing those. I am soooo ready to get back in the rock house. It is a friend to me and I missed it terribly.  A clay friend gave me a load of clay to be recycled so I will start on that this week. Also was accepted to show at the Tulip Festival in Belle Plaine, Ks April 14th and 15th.  I’m excited about that and if any of you live close please come see me. Ahhh, I’m doing a demo for a group of church ladies first part of April. Must rake the yard of all of the gumm balls (nasty critters) before I sprain my ankle on them.  Dust has settled on every inch of my house, guess those dust bunnies thought I was not coming back and made my home their home..  So it seem like I have a ton to keep me busy for a week or two anyway. Oh and our farmers market is having a meeting tomorrow and wants creative ideas—-not sure my brain has switched to the creative side yet but I am going to support the hard working people that grow your fresh veggies. I ask you to support your local farmers market also. Fresh food is so necessary for our health and well being. This blog is wearing me out so I will exit for now.   Till we visit again~~~~~~

                                                                                STAY CENTERED

bobbi kemna


By bobbikemnapottery

2 comments on “Back in the “Rock House”

  1. Bobbi, Hi there!!! Did you winter in Florida again? We spent a week on the big island of Hawaii a month ago! It was awesome!!! I remember you seeing my posts on Facebook. I need to finish uploading highlights from more of the trip. We went around and across the whole island a couple of times! It was a trip of a lifetime!Miss you! Love you!!!Debbie Grigsby Lynch 

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