Good Morning to the friends I cannot see,
Bad news–good news.  Today I had tickets to the dinner theater in KC.  Horrid weather so I can’t go.  Bad news.  That gives me a chance to catch you up on events at the rock house.  Good news.  What a year this has been. Lots of activity in my life. The Art in the Yard event was a huge success. Hundreds of people filled my yard.  Those that could not come are now personally letting me know that they will not miss it next year.  Wait–I thought this was a one time event.  NOT I guess.  Larry, our tourism director, has already put it on his calendar for Sept 14, 2019.  So I agreed to do the event one more time and then pass the baton to someone else.  I will/am  on the look out for more talented people to join us in Sept. Remember the group of boys from St Martins Academy that performed with the bagpipes?  They are coming to the rock house this week to try their hand in clay.  My way of saying thank you to them for sharing in my event. Everyone loved the bagpipes, the orchestra, and all the other stuff they saw here.
Also remember I mentioned I had no more shows to do until next April.  Well that didn’t hold water either, I was asked to put together a pop up art event at our local brewery this week. I did—-both the home craft beer and the art was well received . Then I was asked to participate in an event in Pittsburg next Sat. and could I find more artists for that.  Of course, I said. So off I go next week to show my pottery to a whole new group of people.
Staying at the brewery all day Fri. and Sat. gave me an opportunity to meet a whole lot of people I did not know.  Visiting with BE has opened a window  for sharing my clay with another new group of people.  I love life.  It is exciting to me to see what each new day brings.
So I guess the message today is—get off of the sofa, get out of your box, embrace new adventures, be happy.
                                                  Till we visit again
                                                                                             Stay Centered
bobbi kemna
By bobbikemnapottery

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