On the go!

Good morning to the friends I cannot see,
My Dad said that time would go faster as I got older. I was 16 and thought he did not possibly know as much as I did.  Guess what—he was a wise man.  I woke up this morning and realized that Sept isn’t that far off.  Art in the Yard is looming on the horizon and I had better start getting ready for the event. My mind has now turned back on from being in hibernation for 3 months and I am so excited to find new artists to fill my 4 acres of green space. Actually have several ideas to make this event one to remember. No craft stuff, only hand crafted art. And music, food, but most of all FUN.  Dance in the driveway, smile with BBQ sauce on your face, listen to the water fountain as you stroll around, oh yes and the bagpipes are returning,  seriously, please put Sept 14th on you calendar so you don’t miss it.
St Martin Acadamy young men spent time in the magical rock house this fall and created masterpieces. Of course, I invited them to eat and boy, they do know how to eat. Cooking for 20 hungry boys made me happy. They are so considerate, funny, and have manners. So thank you St Martin’s for sharing them with me.
Thrusday is a special day—yes it’s valentine day. HK always brought me balloons and hid them all over the house just watching to see which one I found first.  One year the balloon was tied to a huge basket and covered over half of the room. I wanted to climb in that basket and take a trip to the skies. So friends I cannot see—Embrace those that you love and that love you. Give an extra long hug, say I LOVE YOU, watch the sun set, have a picnic in the back yard.  Buy your special person a balloon.  It always made me so happy.
And yes, I have 2 kiln loads of pots to fire and glaze. And some broken tree limbs from the ice storm last week to pick up. Guess I better get busy. So until we meet again—————-
                                                                                Stay Centered
bobbi kemna
By bobbikemnapottery

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