Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Good Morning To The Friends I Cannot See,
 As I ponder over todays blog I am thinking, do I tell it as it is or do I put a spin on it to make it more appealing.  Guess this is one of my more thinking days. Well as you all know I hardly ever think it over too much, no matter what the task at hand is at the moment.  I didn’t really have a completely full load of glaze work to fire this week end. But enough that I wanted to get it done. A couple of pieces promised to others that I wanted to finish and give. So I spent a day and a half glazing (which is my utmost unpleasant thing to do) and loaded the kiln.  Note: my kiln is having minor issues, only will fire to a strong cone 5 then reads FTH. I looked that up in the manual, it says the kiln is not heating to the programed setting. OK, well perhaps if I do a 15 minute hold.? That might give me a cone 6.  Didn’t happen, however most glazes say fire to cone 4-6.  So 5 works right?  Makes sense to me!!!!!  Cut to the chase here Bobbi, the top shelf of pots looked pretty good. Meaning they were pretty and good. I was smiling. The second shelf was one of those uh huh moments when I said “dang” no high five on this.  The bottom shelf was a strong “dang it” which was stronger language than the second shelf. The worst part of this whole firing was I knew better and did it anyway. Like copper wire that melted off the piece and now is firmly stuck to the shelf.  This is the whole lesson of todays blog.  I did give the pieces to those waiting for them. In my mind they were horrible and I should have buried them in the flower garden. In the eyes of those that received them, they were beautiful. Who of us is to say what is beautiful.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  I definitely will remake those two pieces and make them beautiful to me.  Will they be received with gratefulness or will they say “what’s bobbi’s problem. I liked the first one better”   But I must make arrangements with someone smarter than me that can read a manual and reprogram my kiln before I fire another load.
                                                                                               Until we meet again
                                                                                                Stay Centered
bobbi kemna
By bobbikemnapottery

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