Looking Forward 2020!!

Good Morning to the friends I cannot see,
Holy Cow, today is the last day of the year 2019. My head spins on how quickly this year flew by.  Remember 2000 when the world was to end and some people tried to prepare for it. I bought a frig magnet, I thought  that was enough. Oh, and to ask forgiveness for those that I may have offended in some way.  It has been a year of healing for me. And many new adventures. Oh, so many new adventures. The second year of Art in the Yard doubled in size. I was overwhelmed by the response to help in any way. It will happen this Sept 12th again in my yard. Dream big my friends and your dream will come true.  Mine certainly did.  People bought my pottery, I say thank you to them for liking what I do. I won awards, made new friends,  went on trips, just enjoyed life to the fullest.  H.K. continues to watch over me, warning of danger when necessary. His love was unconditional. I thank God daily for putting him in my life.
So my blog followers, Please continue to follow me, encourage me, perhaps offer a hug, and maybe I will create a pot than you cannot stand to be without. Buy it—I will continue to create as long as possible. The touch of the clay keeps me centered, gives me a reason to enter the magical rock house, gives me You.  I wish God’s blessings for you all in this new year. May 2020 best the best ever for you.
                                                                  Till we visit again=====Stay Centered
bobbi kemna
By bobbikemnapottery

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