Getting Centered

good morning to the friends I cannot see,
No caps today. I see my last blog was dec 31. This is june. Where is my life. Where are my peeps.  I spent 2 months of the winter in a sunny, warm place. Paradise!!! Came home and was hit with this virus crap.  Sorry, but that is the only word I can think of to use for it.  Now I am a social person, I play well by myself, but must have the outside world to make my life complete. Finally, sat with my friends to eat out in pulblic, sat at the pub and listened to a great band, talked on the phone to someone who cares, yesterday was a great day. Yes, I am careful but not scared.
I know this blog is usually about my clay world.  What clay world I ask?  I woke up on Tues and said out loud to myself (cause there is no one else to talk to here) SELF (opps there are some caps) today feels like a wheel day. Now you all know that I don’t partially like the wheel. But the clay ghosts were sitting behind me and actually some nice pieces were created.  3 sweet mugs with my take on making handles for them. Sweet I say. It was a nice week in my magical rock house with my hands in the mud. I will continue that next week.  Does that mean I am emerging from the funk of the winter and getting on with life? I believe it does!!!!!
Now for the downside of this blog.  After much thought, tears, stubbornness , denial, defiance, my don’t tell me what to do attitude, I made the hard decision to not have my Art in the Yard event in sept. Not because I am afraid but because this event was for the talented vendors and the public to enjoy.  The vendors that have had my back for any crazy thing I think up to do all these years of course would come.  The locals are letting me know they also would be here. However my gut said “bobbi, this is not the year to do this”.  I am listening to my inter self and will not host that event this year.  Please understand and start planning for next year.  My clay work is still available for sale in the rock house. I hope you will consider me when looking for that special gift this holiday season.  I need your support and your encouragement.
                                                                     Until we meet again
                                                                     Stay Centered
bobbi kemna
By bobbikemnapottery

3 comments on “Getting Centered

  1. So great hearing from you! I so enjoy all your beautiful pieces I have! One day I will stop at your shop! Will stay in contact! Jeanette Urbom

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  2. It was so fun to meet you and see where you make your beautiful creations in the rock house! I would love to spend a day with you creating in clay. We will be in Kansas again possibly in October so I will try to stop. Thanks again, Jennifer Devin (Phyllis’s daughter from Florida)

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